Wednesday, April 06, 2011

She’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

I just put my baby on an airplane. She’s going to fly clear across the country without me or her father and, frankly, I find that just a wee bit terrifying. Granted, she’s in good hands-her teacher and the adult chaperones who are accompanying her are all as responsible, as respectable and, in the case of Kaz’s mom; as protective as I would be, myself-yet, I will worry about her safety and well being until the moment she is safely back under my roof.

As mothers do.

Because the group was scheduled to fly out so early this morning (6:00 flight, 4:30 airport arrival) and, because the airport is 45 miles away in Neighboring City; I, The Teenager, Kaz, her mom and one of the other teens going on the trip made the drive yesterday, did some shopping, ate dinner and then hunkered down in an airport hotel for the night.

Despite the brilliance of that plan, we got about as much sleep as we would have had we simply stayed home and gotten up at 3:00 to make the drive and; we have the man staying in the adjacent room to thank for that.

Note to self: Next Hotel stay preceding an early morning flight=ear plug purchase.

Second Note to Self: Baby girl will be just fine.

And, now, I need to take a little nap before I officially begin my day.


  1. She'll have so much fun! I'm kinda jealous.

  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Geeze, thought heading out the night before and staying near the airport was a good plan. What on earth was the guy next door doing? (Or do I not want to know?)

    Heh - my verify word - minitan. I could SO use one right now. Come on Spring!

  3. Note from me: Baby girl will be just fine. But I would totally be freaking out, too....