Monday, April 18, 2011

A Busy Weekend Makes for a Shorter Weekend. Damnit

With my trusty side-kick by my side, I accomplished a great deal this weekend. Indeed, while Hugh was off playing weekend-warrior and The Teenager was toiling away on a three-page report documenting the genesis of the sun; the Man-Cub and I managed to:

-Rake the leaves and debris from the vegetable garden.

-Haul the debris away for composting at a later date.

-Make a trip into town to purchase an additional wicker rocker and two side tables for the front porch.

-Ride our bikes to the park. Once there, the Cub spent an hour fishing while I ran the hiking trails. As an aside, the basket on Lulu is perfect for carting worms for fishing. I did not particularly want to know this interesting bit of trivia but now I do.

-Grocery shopping, laundry, house-cleaning (ok, that was mostly me; my trusty side-kick was busy playing with water balloons on the trampoline, practicing his pitching and playing with the dog. It’s all good, although; I doubt Batman washes Robin’s dirty underwear).

-Clean out and organize the pantry closet in the mudroom or, as I like to call it, the place where everything goes to die. Seriously, it’s like the Elephant Graveyard of old shoes, used athletic equipment, household do-dads and objects for which I am certain there was once a, purpose but that now, I can’t remember for the life of me what that purpose was. This chore is about as much fun as one might expect, especially the part where the Cub cries out “I remember this! I love these shoes! Hey, this still works! I bet I can find the (insert whatever here) that this goes to!” for every object unearthed from the depths of the closet.

-Gather enough crap to fully stock our upcoming yard sale.

-Die a little at the thought of having yet another yard sale (kill me. Kill me, now).

It was a busy weekend but I’m glad we got so much done. Now, I can travel to Mayberry for Easter this weekend without thinking about all the things that I need to get done at home. The Man-Cub is excited about going to Mayberry because of the ample length of sidewalk in front of my parent’s house (skate-boarding! Roller-blading!) and The Teenager is looking forward to the ham and scalloped potatoes that my mom always cooks.

Personally, I am looking forward to the end of Lent, not because I want to dive right back into the junk-food habit but because I like having the option to dive right back into the junk-food habit. Not that I’m going to; I’m just sayin’.

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