Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We’re Getting the Band Back Together

The Man-Cub starts baseball practice this evening. This makes me happy on numerous levels, for one thing; I enjoy watching him play. For another, I have sorely missed the Dream Team Moms, which is what I have taken to calling the group of mothers who generously give of their time and their offspring to make baseball season relaxing and enjoyable as opposed to say; the moms from last season, otherwise known as The Season of Suck.

Hugh is back as Co-Coach this year, assisting his good buddy, Super Coach, whom the boys love and who gets the job DONE. The Cub is looking forward to playing for Super Coach again this year, probably because, not once in all the years that we have known Super Coach have we ever witnessed him say an ugly word to a kid, engage in unsportsmanlike conduct of any type, raise his voice at an umpire or any of the numerous aggravating things that The Dud from last year did on a regular basis.

Also, Super Coach actually coaches, the boys, unlike The Dud, who spent warm-up time in the bleachers, spitting sunflower seeds and chatting up the crowd about rodeo. Yep, at a baseball game. Oh, and we never practiced. Seriously, after the first game of the season, the boys never took the practice field again. It was shocking when they actually managed to improve toward the end of the season, improvement that in no way reflected on the coaching they had received.

So, yes; we are all looking forward to this evening and to a pleasant and enjoyable season. In fact, I need to lay in supplies for the numerous practices, scrimmages, games and get-togethers that we have planned, think; sunflower seeds, wine coolers, pretzels and, the economy sized bag of salt water taffy because these are the things that The Dream Team Moms like to indulge in while cheering our boys from the stands.

I love baseball.

And, you know, The Dream Team Moms rock.

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