Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Game Called On Account of Rain?

I wish. Try, game called on account of snow. Damnit, Mother Nature, why ya gotta be so fickle?

So, the game scheduled for this evening will have to be rescheduled, prolonging the season by at least another week. This is not so bad, in and of itself but; by the middle of July, we are all a bit weary of America's favorite pastime and no amount of Cracker Jacks can change that fact.

Oh well; at least I have the Dream Team Moms to consume a suitably solacing amount of wine commiserate with.

Speaking of the DTM's; we are in the process of assigning team duties for the season and, can I just say; it's really nice to have moms who volunteer to keep the scorebook without being asked. And, to work the concession stand. And, to handle payroll for the umpires. And, to unwrap pieces of salt water taffy for me to eat when my hands are busy clutching closed the blanket that I am forced to wear to a baseball game that takes place in freaking April.

Which brings me back to my original topic. Damn you, Mother Nature.

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