Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring Break Should Be Mandatory for Adults

The Teenager slept in until 1:00, today. The Man-Cub spent the entire day working on an elaborate mousetrap/marble maze/chain-reaction thingamajig while watching The Disney Chanel and snacking on anything that was available. And, what did I do all day? I worked, of course.

I call Not fair!

I would be totally bitter, but; I had a really fun weekend to balance out the unfairness of it all. The drive to the town hosting The Teenager’s volleyball tournament was pleasant (in sharp contrast to the drive back from the tournament but, I’ll get to that later) and we arrived at Jules’ house in time for dinner and to visit for a while before starting a marathon round of games. The games were spread out among the various gyms in the area, allowing me to spend some time on the college campus for the first time in many years.

I also got to drive around town, revisiting the places that the Girls and I used to hang out which always brings back fond memories and puts me in a good mood. Unfortunately, it can also make me a bit melancholy for the town, making leaving it again hard to do, until I do it, of course and then; I am fine.

And, speaking of leaving it, while the girls did fairly well at the tournament (placing third in their division), it was not a moment too soon when they lost their last game on Sunday, freeing us to make the drive home. The weather had taken a turn for the nasty, and, I do mean nasty, making the above-mentioned drive suck donkey balls. Thankfully, Hugh drove and I was able to hide my face in my sweatshirt and feign sleep rather than stomping on the imaginary passenger-side brakes while clutching my pearls and, obviously, we made it home just fine.

This brings us back to today and to the inherent laziness of my offspring. As I write, the Cub is still toiling away at his latest architectural invention while The Teenager harasses him about whether or not he is going to miss her while she is in Washington DC for the remainder of the week. And, in case I failed to mention it; The Teenager is leaving for DC with a group of students from her school, tomorrow. The group will spend the next four days touring our nation’s capitol, participating in the wreath-laying ceremony at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery, and driving the parent chaperones absolutely batty with their antics.

I opted not to chaperone this trip, which, now that I think about it, could almost be considered taking a Spring Break. Ok, not really but, I am trying to defeat the bitterness until such a time as the world agrees with my assessment of a mandatory Spring Break for all adults.

Hey, maybe that should replace World Peace as my platform for reform. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

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