Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Disorganized Organization: That's How We Roll

Yesterday, Hugh and I drove to Mayberry to deliver a new washer and dryer to my parents. We had planned to make the delivery for quite some time but the timing never quite worked out. Yesterday was the only day that we both had available to make the trip this month, so, off we went. Coincidentally, my college roommate, Phoebe, had called last week to order a new gas grill for her husband for Valentine's Day and, we were able to deliver it along the way, so, it was a win-win all the way around.

Seeing family and friends is always a win, in my opinion.

Speaking of seeing friends, The Teenager's sixteenth birthday is only a couple of weeks away. While Hugh and I have asked her, repeatedly, what she wants to do to celebrate the milestone; she has been less than helpful, claiming not to know what she wants to do, whom she wants to do it with, where she wants to do it, whatever it is, etc. It's quite frustrating, really. At this point, I'm expecting a low-key and haphazardly planned event; something akin to a Flash Mob wherein I walk downstairs one night and a large group of teenagers has amassed in my living room, dancing wildly before quickly dispersing into the night.

 I suppose I should stock up on junk food, just in case.

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