Saturday, February 04, 2012

If Ironing Can Give You Carpel Tunnel, Then I Haz It

Last week, I spent an hour or two of each evening, ironing chair covers for tonight's Snowball Gala.

Yesterday, I spent another three-and-a-half hours ironing 130 sashes for the back of chairs, as well as ten more chair covers for an additional table that we included thanks to last-minute ticket sales. Although my hands and shoulders are sore this morning, I found the ironing to be quite relaxing, which, is quite ironic (ha! Iron-ic, get it? I slay me!).

While I was ironing, the rest of the ladies on the decorating committee were tying the sashes into bows (I clearly lack the bow-tying gene which is why I eagerly volunteered to man the ironing board), suspending crystal-draped tree branches from the ceiling, and, arranging centerpieces of crystal vases filled with glittering  branches and seed lights on each table. With the inclusion of the white linens and strategically placed blue back-lighting; a perfect winter wonderland was accomplished within hours.

Today, a professional ice-sculptor from Aspen is transporting five sponsored ice sculptures to the civic center and, if the weatherman is correct; we will have a light dusting of snow by event-time. It's going to be gorgeous, I'm sure.

I'm not actually attending the event due to a perfect storm of familial obligations, including; a volleyball tournament for The Teenager, a wrestling-officiating assignment for Hugh, and, my own reluctance to pay $100 for a ticket (instead, I put the money toward the new camera that I am saving for; only $100 more to go, whoo-hoo!).

The Teenager's volleyball tournament wasn't on our original schedule and just sort of popped up as an extra opportunity for the team to get in some games before our big trips later this month and early next month. It is taking place in a resort town about three hours away. Since I had already committed to helping with the gala decorations, I sent The teenager with the family of one of her teammates. She is enjoying her team but, after a call from her this morning; I'm afraid we are going to have issues with her coach, after all.

Without getting into too much detail; according to The Teenager, the coach's daughter has played every minute of all of the two games so far this morning while The Teenager has been mostly benched. At the last tournament, I did notice that the coach's daughter played a lot more than several of the other girls and I wondered if it was going to become a trend. Apparently, it has and; a discussion with the coach regarding the equitable distribution of playing time amongst the girls (who all paid the same-fairly large-amount of money for the privilege of being on the team) will have to take place.

Honestly, in my current mood; I am tempted to simply demand a partial refund. We could then put the money into summer volleyball camps and The Teenager would get just as much (if not more) benefit for the buck. Plus, we would save an additional grand in travel expenses and I would be less likely to say something completely out of character for me. Which, is why Hugh will have to pursue the conversation with the coach, because, for the first time in the history of our marriage; I think I would be the less reasonable and more unpleasant parent with whom to confer.

That....does not bode well.

I'm pretty sure I need an intervention. Luckily, we have finally planned a Girl's Weekend and, while it won't take place until the first part of June; I do, at least, have it to look forward to and that calms me, considerably. Which, isn't to say that catty jabs at the mullet-like nature of the coach's hair will be removed from the program, entirely, but, with the comfort of knowing that time with my Girls is just around the corner, the catty jabs will take place mostly under my breath.

And, on this blog.

I mean, obviously.

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