Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Recent Conversations

Chelle: So, it looks like I am running for club secretary.
Hugh: Why?
Chelle: Because I didn't want to be President.
Hugh: Ok?

It's true; had I not agreed to run for Secretary, I would have been nominated for the office of First Vice President, a position that automatically becomes President in two years. By agreeing to run for Secretary, I ensure myself a one-year position rather than spending the next three years on the Board. Plus, by running for office, I have only a 50-50% chance of winning, whereas, with the Vice Presidential nomination, it is practically a given that I would be appointed. The office of Secretary looks pretty good, all things considered, and, I could lose; buying myself another year before I am asked to run for something else, again.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate politics?

Man-Cub: Mom, do you believe in Big Foot?
Chelle: Um, not really? Why do you ask?
Man-Cub: Well, I was watching that show on TV, the one where these people are searching for proof of Big Foot's existence and, I have a theory.
Chelle: Of course you do. What is it?
Man-Cub: Well, you know how they are always tracking something really big on nighttime thermal trackers and, all of a sudden, the thing just disappears?
Chelle: (Never really having watched the show) Oh, yeah. Absolutely. That happens all the time.
Man-Cub: I know, right?! Well, my theory is that, Big Foot shrinks down to, like, the size of a leprechaun and just disappears under a log or something.
Chelle: Well, that's....quite an interesting theory. Do you actually believe in leprechauns?
Man-Cub: No! That would be ridiculous.

But, a Big Foot that shrinks to the size of a leprechaun is perfectly reasonable. You know, in theory.

Have I mentioned how much I love that kid?

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