Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Which Finnigan Takes the Term "Leap Day" Quite Literally

Sometime during the night, Finnigan decided that he's had enough of this lying about, quietly. Instead, it was clearly time to leap onto my bed and to attack my feet; it had been almost a week, after all.

This morning, he is racing and leaping around like, well, like a playful kitten. I am so relieved. Guardedly, so, but relieved, nonetheless.

I'm crossing my fingers that he is, indeed, back to his old self and that the crisis has passed. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the return of the hellcat.

In other good news, The Teenager has been invited to the prom. She will be attending with her ex-boyfriend and she is beyond excited.

What's that? I failed to mention that she has an ex-boyfriend? My bad. Although, in my defense, it was the most amicable break-up in the history of relationships (as evidenced by his invitation to the prom) and, minus any hint of drama; there wasn't much to say about it. Except, I should extole the virtues of two kids who, upon realizing that being in a relationship was slowly killing their friendship, opted to seperate; the goal being to preserve that friendship. They are soooo much more mature than I was at their age and I'm proud of them both.

Also, prom dress shopping, yay!

In other good news, The Teenager gets her braces off today. I'll let you know how that goes just as soon as I reel her back in from her flight to cloud nine.

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