Friday, February 10, 2012

Party Like a Rock Star

Hugh is out of town this weekend; officiating at a regional wrestling tournament. While he is gone, I intend to take full advantage of the remote control and the thermostat while making good use of the opportunity to feed my children a steady diet of convenience foods. I also expect to utilize the cool side of his pillow numerous times throughout the night. Clearly, it's the little things in life that excite me.

For entertainment while he is away, I intend to clean the house. Oooh...ahhhh.

Heck, I might even go all out and reorganize my pantry. We are talking Charlie Sheen levels of partying up in here. In fact, I may have to pencil in a nap, just to recover from all the excitement.

I don't know how the celebrities do this, weekend after weekend after weekend. A lesser woman might crumble under the weight, but; I'm a survivor.

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