Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank Goodness I Have Invested Heavily in Victoria's Secret Underwear

Because I apparently didn't get enough fondling from strangers, yesterday; I went in for a mammogram, today; my annual Fondling by Strangers quota is now officially filled.

The mammogram went well and, by well, I mean; it was awkward and uncomfortable. You know, like usual.

Speaking of awkward and uncomfortable, we are refinancing our mortgage and the bank scheduled an appraisal of the house for today. The appointment fell inconveniently close to my mammogram appointment, causing me to rush home from the hospital. When I rush, I tend to overlook minor details, and; this time, I overlooked the top three buttons on my blouse. I'm really hoping the house will appraise better thanks to the peep-show the appraiser got when I answered the front door, however; I'm not holding my breath.

Which, by the way, I  also failed to do while having the mammogram done and, FYI: The technician tells you to hold your breath for a reason.

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