Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Really Should be Packing but I'd Much Rather Complain, Instead

Apparently I didn't completely blind the appraiser, yesterday as his appraisal came in well within the range that we had expected. So, the final step left to complete in our quest for a lower interest rate was the acceptance of employee verification forms for myself and Hugh. Unfortunately, acceptance proved to be quite a challenge to obtain, given the fact that anyone who is authorized to verify such a thing just happens to share our last name, you know, because it is a family business, and; the lenders balked at having employment verified by a relation. What part of family business they failed to understand is beyond me.

Anyway, after much back-and-forth with our lenders, I finally threw my hands in the air, chanted off a quick eenie, meenie, miney, mo and, tag, you're it; made one of our store managers sign the forms.

Which, were approved. Immediately.

Let the ridiculousness of that settle in, won't you.

At least the deed was accomplished before the kids and I leave for Denver, tomorrow. As I may have mentioned a while back, Hugh is already in Denver, having left yesterday to officiate at the state wrestling tournament so; I am on my own for the drive. Aside from the fact that this means I can listen to any odd combination of music that I want to, I will miss his company, especially once we get into the city and I have to navigate the traffic whilst refereeing fights between my offspring and hyperventilating.

Yep, I'm looking as forward to that as you might imagine.

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