Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Longest Weekend in the History of Three Day Weekends

Our trip to Denver was exhausting, not just for me but, for the girls, who spent eight hours a day in the gym, playing volleyball. They started off a bit rough, dropping their first two games before rallying enough to win the championship for their bracket in the final game of the tournament.

We spent a lot of time sitting around, waiting for the next game to begin or for the next time our girls had to officiate other teams' games. The sitting around could get quite boring but the girls rose to the occasion, allowing me to break in my new Canon Rebel T2i; they are sweet like that.

The final game was at 3:00 which put us on the road home at almost 5:00. Thankfully, the mountain pass was free of snow and we pulled into the High School parking lot at 10:00 to deliver the three additional passengers we acquired when one of the other moms had to leave for home a day early.

It was a fun trip. We got some shopping in and the volleyball games were exciting but, man, it's nice to be home.

It's even better to be home with Champions.

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  1. Yes, the ride home is much more delightful with a W than with a big fat L. Glad they are playing well!!! They look like a fun group of girls!