Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now, That's Sweet

Remember how I jokingly said that, in lieu of actual plans to celebrate her birthday, an impromptu gathering of friends would probably take place in our home, flash-mob style? Yep. We got mobbed last night.

It was a lot of fun for the kids, I'm sure, and, The Teenager appeared to be enjoying herself but, I have to admit to being somewhat of a party-pooper (flash mob pooper?), myself, due to the fact that I managed to pick up a raging head cold sometime between attending the Man-Cub's wrestling tournament earlier in the day and the party later in the evening.

On the bright side, my retirement to my bed chamber allowed the kids ample opportunity to push every stick of living room furniture up against the walls to make way for an epic Just Dance 2 battle of the sexes. I'm not sure who won but, when I got up this morning, my house did appear three times larger. Also, I should probably vacuum under the couches more often.

Because I preferred to spend the party under the influence of Thera-Flu Nighttime Cold Medicine, I also missed the opportunity to cringe at the sight of the junk food buffet, desperately scavenged from the recesses of the cabinets prepared and presented by The Teenager. I did not, however, miss the opportunity to drool over the chocolate cake that her father so thoughtfully picked up for her at the grocery store (35 days to go, 35 days to go, 35 days to go), as; it was left untouched on the kitchen counter, this morning, because: Quoteth The Teenager "We totally forgot about it!" (35 days to go, 35 days to go, 35 days to go).

In praise of the teenagers comprising the Mob, I will say that the house was not trashed, I was not kept awake by the noise of either the Wii competition or the movies that the kids watched afterwards and, on the rare occasions that I did foray into Party Territory (for Thera-Flu refills); the kids were extremely polite and appreciative of being allowed to command the first floor of our home.

And, The Teenager enjoyed the company of her friends which is what we really wanted for her on this very special birthday.

As an aside, if you are expecting a flash mob at your home anytime in the near future, I totally recommend a Thera-Flu coma.

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