Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Boys Life

With The Teenager away at yet another volleyball function and Hugh working around the clock on a security detail this weekend; I had a chance to spend plenty of quality time with the Man-Cub. It was wonderful.

We went to Neighboring Town to have a small rock-chip fixed in my windshield and, since we were in the downtown area, anyway; we decided to explore some of the shops and architectural features that have been added during a recent downtown renovation project.

The Man-Cub's favorite stop was at a splash-pad on one of the street corners; he spent almost half an hour splashing through the water and attempting to stay ahead of the unpredictable fountains. Needless to say; by the time we were ready to move on, he was more than a bit wet.

Our next stop was at an old-fashioned candy store, where I stocked up on some of the items that Jana and I will need for our upcoming star-gazing party. I was especially happy to discover the store since the five-and-dime in Pixler recently stopped stocking vintage candy, and, we all know how I feel about vintage candy.

Speaking of which, I actually purchased a vintage-style cotton candy maker. It. Is. AWESOME, and, pairs nicely with the old-fashioned popcorn popper that I bought last year (Hugh just rolled his eyes so hard, he saw grey matter) and I fully intend to break it in at this year's movie-themed Porch Night, which we are planning for sometime in August.

As an aside, Hugh says that I am no longer allowed to surf Amazon late at night since that is when the majority of my more "interesting" purchases occur. I would rebel against this sudden (and laughingly futile) show of authority but, if we are being honest; he's not wrong.

And, as often occurs, I digress.

Anyway, after completing our purchase of rocket-shaped lollipops, Pop Rocks, Zots and Saucer Wafers (Never heard of them? I hadn't, either. They are saucer-shaped wafer candies filled with small candy pellets; the candy store lady recommended them once she heard what we are planning and they may taste like shit, I don't know, but; they look wicked cool), the Cub and I headed for the mall where the child got to spend an hour waiting for me to pick out a couple of new bras. I'm sure it was as exciting for him as it was for me.

But, then we went to S@ms's Club, where he was able to eat his weight in samples and all was right with the world.

Once we got home, we barely had time to unload the car before another epic rainstorm came crashing through town, knocking out the electricity, briefly. Sitting on the porch, watching the rain pour down, gave me plenty of time to talk to the Cub about a load of different things and I just really enjoyed the time together.

Today, Hugh and The Teenager are back under our roof and I am dividing my time between laundry, housework, weeding and harvesting the garden (Bumper crop of cucumbers, bell peppers, lettuce and tomatoes, thank you very much), prepping food for the week, and, puppy-sitting for Oscar and Emily, who recently became the proud parents of a German Shepherd puppy.

It's a busy day, is what I'm saying.

All the better reason to reflect, fondly, on the relaxing day spent in the company of my youngest, and, only most favorite, son.


  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Dragging the Man-cub bra shopping probably set back his puberty a couple months.

    Poor kid. Hope you at least let him wander over to the electronics department while you were shopping

  2. Are you kidding? He was in the video game section with his cell phone at the ready; no WAY he was going anywhere near a bra. Ha! Although, I'm pretty sure I caught him checking out the manequins as we walked by. I'm just sayin'.