Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesdays With The Teenager. Wait, WHAT?

Remember, back in the day, when The Teenager and I tried to do a weekly video installment detailing the experiences of raising/being a teenager? No? Hell, I don't blame you; that was ages ago.

Anyway, The Teenager and I rediscovered those videos a few days ago and decided to bring back the segment, if not weekly, then, you know, occasionally.

Today's installment features not just The Teenager, but her BFF, Smiley McSmilerson (not her real name, like OBVIOUSLY), discussing their opinion of the differences between High School and Middle School.

I think they are adorable and I cannot wait to show  this video at their graduation party. And, again at The Teenager's wedding, because; I am sweet like that.

Also, the matching socks and the mirror-image braids are killing me.

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