Friday, October 04, 2013

A Bear or a Skyhawk?

When The Teenager started looking at colleges earlier this summer, she quickly identified two schools that she was most interested in attending. Both schools are awesome. Each school offers a course of study in the area that The Teenager is interested in pursuing, and, both schools are well appointed and fully accredited.

They also happen to be the schools that The Teenager's parents attended.

That's right, The Teenager's choice of college comes down to her father's Alma mater vs. my Alma mater. That's....ironic. And, it put a bit of pressure on The Teenager, although, neither her father nor I are in the least bit interested in pushing our personal agendas on the child,  I swear.

The Teenager somewhat-jokingly said that her decision would come down to which school she received an acceptance letter from, first, which, was a somewhat solid plan until the first thing she received was an acceptance letter from her last choice fall-back school.

She quickly amended her original plan to include only her top two colleges and the waiting game began.

You have to know where this is going, right?

Yep...both acceptances arrived today.

The Teenager has a decision to make. Will she be a Fort Lewis College Skyhawk, like her mother, or, a University of Northern Colorado Bear, like her father?

Either way, we are so extremely proud of her and we can't wait to watch her start the next journey in her life.

Ok, maybe we could wait a little.

Also, it looks like all the blue and gold sports paraphernalia that we have from the kids' current high school will work fabulously for cheering on The Teenager's college team, either way.


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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Congrats on having received all the acceptances. That's a nerve wracking hurdle to clear. Having served in the Army at Ft. Lewis, WA (Waaaayyyy before it became Joint Base Lewis/McChord), I gotta lean towards the Ft. Lewis School - even realizing they have NOTHING to do with one another.