Thursday, October 10, 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

Things have slowed down here at Casa de Chelle. We had an entire week off from football, with not a game on the schedule. School is going well, both kids had A's and B's on their midterm reports. Work is keeping us busy, but, no busier than usual. The Teenager and I are still going to the gym and I am happy to report that my ass feels just fine. In short, it's been about as relaxing around here as it gets.

And, yes, I am anxiously anticipating a shit-storm of crazy any day now; I'm no dummy.

In other news, my right arm seems to finally be getting better. I can unhook my bra without tearing up and I no longer want to chew the arm off my body just to escape the aching, so, progress!

Speaking of progress, the night before last, The Teenager and I attended a volleyball game at the high school. It was the first (and only) game that I have been to this season (and the last). I went to the game in support of The Teenager, who was attending in support of the mother of Not the Boyfriend, who was being honored at the annual Pink Out for Breast Cancer game.

Not the Boyfriend's mother is a recent cancer patient. She is in remission and is doing quite well and it was really nice to see her at the game. As far as the game itself went; it was uncomfortable to sit through, knowing how sad it still makes The Teenager to not be playing, but; we did it, and I was super proud of her for going and for being cheerful and generally awesome. Not that I was surprised by her awesomeness.

And, while on the topic of breast cancer, I should mention that The Teenager and I will be volunteering at Hooterville's annual Breast Cancer Awareness walk/run. We will be working at the registration table, and, if we get finished in time, might take the walk, ourselves. I could run, you know, since I am back on the fitness wagon and all, but,

Maybe next year.

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