Thursday, October 24, 2013

Possible Reasons That I Can Barely Move My Arm

1.  A return of the dreaded tennis, that particular issue cleared up almost completely, and, this pain is new.

2.  The massage I had last night was more aggressive than I gave it credit for at the, the massage was relaxing and gentle and awesome. In fact, I almost fell asleep on the table and left the masseus's feeling like a million limp noodles piled up in human form.

3.  Somebody punched, I'm pretty sure I would remember an assault on my person.

4.  Old age...yeah, fuck that. NO.

5.  I slept on it wrong....ok, possible. I do tend to sleep on that side with a tiny purring furball tucked into my chest, so, it could be, but, it doesn't feel like that.

6.  Arm that even a thing?

7.  Aliens abducted me in my sleep and carried out experimentations on my unconscious self.....God, let's hope NOT.

8.  The flu shot that I got at work yesterday caused some lingering pain...hmm. Yeah, BINGO.

So, if I'm NOT stricken by the plague at any point this winter, I guess a temporarily dead limb wouldn't be too high a price to pay.

On the other hand, if I AM stricken with the plague this year, I am going to be PISSED.

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