Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fight Like a Girl

This beautiful young woman is the granddaughter of two amazing women. Both of those women fought for their lives against a disease that claims far too many women each year. Both of those women were successful in their fight because each woman caught the cancer early enough to give them an advantage in the fight.

Because she is the granddaughter of two cancer survivors, The Teenager has an elevated risk of someday contracting the disease, herself. But, because she is the granddaughter of two survivors, she is aware of the necessity of checking her own breasts on a regular basis.

She's seventeen and she's already on more familiar terms with her breasts than most women, which, I find alarming. So, if you are a woman and you aren't checking your breast regularly, I urge you to start.

Your boobies will thank you for it.

And, maybe, someday, your granddaughter will, too.

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