Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Praise of Modern Pharmacueticals

I've been on meds for my thyroid for almost an entire three months, now. So, I am now due to take a blood test to determine my current thyroid levels, which, will help my doctor decide if I should continue with the meds or not, and, call me crazy, but; I could answer that question without ever spilling a drop of blood.

I feel 100% better than I felt at this time in July. I have energy to spare, I am sleeping better (at night, when it is appropriate to be sleeping, and, not during the day when the couch in my office beckons to me), and, my emotions are on an even keel.

Wait. That is an understatement; not only are my emotions on an even keel, but, I can see, quite clearly now, how depressed I was for at least a solid year. Probably longer.

And, while I realize that people around me would probably never have guessed that I was depressed-I do tend to put on a happy face for the sake of having a happy face-after all (fake it til you make it is my motto); the reality is: I wasn't myself at all.

Example? This time last year, the last thing I wanted to do was to decorate my house for the holidays. The thought of it exhausted me. I didn't even put out my Christmas village, and, my baking was a forced chore that I took little to no pleasure in.

This year? I have already made my lists of treats to bake and the ingredients needed for each one. I've got a checklist for presents to purchase, a solid plan for our Christmas cards, holiday music CDs lined up and ready to go, and, a map of exactly what that village is going to look like when I put it up on Thanksgiving while watching the Macy's parade with a turkey in the oven and the smell of pumpkin pie in the air. Granted, the actual map is in my head and not, like, drawn to scale or anything, but, still, progress!

In short: I feel good. I feel capable. I feel like I can handle normal, everyday stress without diving headfirst into a bag of peanut butter M&Ms or sinking blissfully into a coma on the couch.

I feel NORMAL.

I recognize myself (hello, long lost friend!).

And, I believe (100%) that the tiny little pill that I take every morning has had everything to do with it.

So, do I really need to bleed to prove it?

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