Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Second Verse, Same as the First

The Teenager and I recently rejoined our local gym. We did it for a number of reasons, getting fit and healthy among them. The Teenager has a specific goal, involving her butt, or, as she explained it to me, she wants "to make her butt bigger".

When I informed her that the path to a bigger butt consisted of less time at the gym and more time on the couch with a box of donuts, she amended her goal to having "a firmer butt". Now, that, I understand.

For my part, I am back to the treadmill, where I have started the C25K program over again. My hamstrings are a bit looser now, thanks to the hip stretches that I have been doing since straining myself this summer, and, I feel confident that I can remain injury-free with continued stretching (fingers crossed).

The fitness goals are the obvious reason to join a gym, of course, but; I'm also doing it to gain more quality time with The Teenager before she graduates and leaves for college; the family that sweats together and all that.

Also, since I am on my thyroid meds, I find myself less and less exhausted and more motivated to work out, which, is a welcome change from the past year.... or five.

Now, if I can just start to see some results from the hard work, I just might be able to stick with it even after The Teenager abandons me for an institution of higher learning, which, by the way; did I mention that she was accepted to every college she applied to? Yes? Ok, then. Carry on.

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