Monday, October 14, 2013

General Housekeeping and What-Not

Lately, I've been a lazy blogger. I have no excuse except for the whole "keeping kids alive and fed, bringing home a paycheck, attending to the household duties that ensure the bare minimum standards necessary to prevent rodent infestation, etc" excuse, which, in case you didn't know; is the excuse that every mom gets free reign to use the moment that a cantaloupe-sized head pushes its way out of her hoo-ha.

In addition to the above-mentioned duties, I have also been working on our awesome Halloween porch decorations (photos to come), taking leisurely rides in the country with the family's newly minted teen driver, assuring The Teenager that I will still love her if she chooses not to attend the college of which I am an alumnus, and, running myself ragged on a treadmill in the name of physical fitness.

Which reminds me, did I ever mention that my team won the fitness challenge at work? No? Well, we did! The Queen Beez took the competition by virtue of points gained by each team member. What that essentially means is that I spent a great deal of time harping at the team members to document their healthy "swaps" and to complete the numerous extra activities available to us in an effort to garner as many points as possible, thereby enabling us to win the competition despite having lost hardly any weight. And, if you think that the second-place team-who actually managed to lose a good deal of weight-was totally cool with losing to a team that beat them by points rather than by pounds; you would be mistaken.

But! Paid day off for us and a full body massage to boot!

And, you know, haters gonna hate.

Speaking of haters, did I ever tell you the one about the parent who unfriended me on Facebook following Hugh's tirade against the volleyball "coach"? No? Well, she did. And, since I only know her in passing and wouldn't otherwise associate with her, I didn't even notice that she had unfriended me until she private messaged me to see if I was planning to organize the Senior Grad Night party.

So...not quite sure how I feel about that.

About the passive-aggressive mom, I mean, not about organizing the party; because, about that, I have no confusion: No way, no how am I taking on the responsibility of organizing that crap-fest; I've heard too many parents bemoan their leadership of that particular event to even consider attempting the challenge. And, lest you think me a deadbeat parent, please know that I have no problem contributing money to the party, nor would I refuse to assist on some small aspect of the event, but, I will not be in charge.

So, yes, my confusion lies in my feelings regarding the parent who just naturally assumed that I would be at the helm of the ship, because; if you think that I am a horrible person for being married to a man who stands up for my daughter, why in the world would you think I was a good enough person to plan your daughter's grad party? I'm just curious.

On a less confusing topic (the segue train is certainly on track today), the Man-Cub plays in his last Freshman football game later today. I am desperate to get my annual photograph of the Fearsome Foursome, which, I have been unable to capture so far this season. The Man-Cub didn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation until The Teenager earnestly explained to him that, when he is a senior, he's going to be grateful to be able to look back at pictures of himself and his friends as they grew and changed, especially if they all stay as close as they are, right now (fingers crossed). She also stressed how fortunate he is to have a mother who cares enough to follow him around like a rabid paparazzo on crack, which, I'm sure she meant in the nicest way possible.

I'm going to miss that girl when she goes away.

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