Saturday, October 05, 2013

Nailing It, Pinterest Style

Lately, I have been seeing the cutest Halloween wreaths on Pinterest, and, we all know how I feel about anything involving Halloween and cuteness. Unfortunately, the wreaths were selling for between $85-$125. That's....a lot of money for Halloween cuteness.

And, yes, I did recently pay $80 for life-sized skeletons with which to decorate my home, but, that is totally beside the point.

The point is; I couldn't see spending upwards of a hundred bucks for something that appeared to be crafted from items that I could procure from the local craft supply, myself. And, procure them, I did; at 50% off the regular price, no less.

Then, armed with nothing more than grit and determination (and a You Tube how-to video), I set about creating a witch wreath for my front door.

I had never worked with Deco Mesh before and it took a bit of getting used to, but, in no time I was rocking my way around the wreath form like a pro. I did suffer a small injury when I managed to jam a piece of wire into the bed of my thumbnail while securing the hat to the wreath, but, what's a little blood on Halloween, right?

Also, The Teenager is in Mayberry, hangin' with the Pod People for the weekend and the Man-Cub was at a sleepover at the home of one of the Fearsome Foursome, so, I was free to cuss with abandon, which, is a pain reliever that ranks right up there with morphine.

Plus, the accidental pricking of my thumb made me super-cautious when it came time to use the glue gun which is why I managed to complete this particular project with not one single burn to my fingers, and, that right there, is the hallmark of a successful project.

Oh, and the wreath didn't turn out bad, either.

Total cost of the project: $35 and a few drops of blood.


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