Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Another Hard Day at the Office

Yesterday, rather than going in to the office, three of my coworkers and I jumped in my car for the short drive to Neighboring City. We were using our paid day off, which, as I've mentioned before, was the prize for winning the wellness contest. We weren't required to go together, but, since we won the competition together, we decided to enjoy the prize together as a team.

(We aren't planning to have side-by-side massages, which, is the other half of our prize, in case you were concerned.)

Anyway, we took full advantage of the paid day off by traipsing store-to-store in search of Pretty Things, acting like fools, and, eating a delicious lunch. It was lovely.

Today, we were all back in the office, where we spent the majority of our morning in a self defense training. For the record? Self defense training is actually kind of fun. And, I feel better about my ability to protect myself in dangerous situations.

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled into this job.

Now, to remember this awesome feeling the next time one of my particularly challenging clients causes me to want to beat my head against my desk.

Unfortunately, there is no training for that.

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