Sunday, April 26, 2015

Meanwhile, At the Zoo

The Teenager is counting down the days until school is over and she can come home. She's already finished her final papers for class (two weeks ahead of deadline, who is this child?), and she seems to be confidently staring down finals with nary a panic attack to be found (fingers crossed).

When she came home last weekend, she brought a carload of her belongings with her, so; she is that much closer to having her dorm room emptied by May 8th, which is her last day on campus. Now, her father and I just have to clear her room of the items that have slowly crept into it-the elliptical machine, inversion table, numerous suitcases, etc., etc.,-and she will be able to return to the nest from which she was so excited to fly.


Anyway, in the meantime, she and Katie have been checking items off their "urban area must do" list; things like attending a Rockies game, perfecting their country dance moves at the local country bar, and feeding a baby giraffe.

Yes, I said feeding a baby giraffe; some people's must do's are stranger than others.

I hope they got it out of their systems, because that thing is not coming home with them.


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