Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paris Recap: St. Ouen Flea Market

Our last day in Paris (yes, we are almost done; hang in there!) was spent rummaging through the treasures hiding in the maze-like warren of stalls at the St. Ouen flea market.

Barbie had read about the market and was absolutely determined for us to experience it, regardless of the numerous warnings regarding the safety of the area that we would have to traverse in order to get there. Pick-pockets? Eh, we were game to chance it.

I'm so glad that we did. The market was a thrifter's paradise, with each stall more inviting than the last. It was here that I found the silverware that I would purchase, as well as the antique camera that now resides on my entertainment center, next to my antique typewriter.

It was seriously love at first sight

It was also here that I lost the clip that transforms my glasses into sunglasses, but, what's $125 down the drain (you don't have to answer that, Hugh)?

Anyway, in addition to the treasures that we discovered, I also found a side of Paris that I was desperately seeking, and, I have the photos to prove it.

This guy? Could you not just tuck him in your pocket and take him home? I mean, really? This was how I envisioned the ideal Parisian gentleman, and, there he was! And, he was gracious enough to let me take his picture, because, of course I asked; I'm no ugly American.

I wasn't kidding when I said that the market was maze-like; one wrong turn and you could end up lost amid the treasures.

I didn't get lost, but, had I managed to, I'm pretty sure that one of the resident dogs would have led me out. The one pictured above was my favorite. Come to think of it, I didn't ask his permission to take his picture... shit! I am an ugly American!

My sincerest apologies, Random French Dog.

The market was an eclectic blend of items, with a wide range of eras represented; we saw everything from suits of armor to modern artwork and everything in between. It was definitely a must-see if you are ever in Paris and happen to enjoy rummaging through antiques.

Or, you know, if you admire important works of art...

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