Thursday, April 09, 2015

Paris Recap: Pons des Arts

Long before our trip to Paris, I read about the phenomenon wherein people used padlocks on a bridge as a sign of love and commitment. I mentioned the practice to Mom, and, after some conversation, we all agreed that it would be an appropriate way to honor Dad on our trip.

Finding the bridge was easy, we just asked a taxi driver.

Finding a lock was easier still; vendors sell them at stalls all along the River Seine.

Finding a free space to attach the lock was a little trickier, which, explains a lot about why Paris is considering a ban on the practice; all those little locks weigh a lot, and the integrity of the bridge is being compromised by the weight.

Nonetheless, Mom found a space, and, her lock was firmly attached.

I have no idea what prayer she said as she held the key to that lock in her hands on the bridge that day. Or, more likely, what conversation she had with Dad, but, it seemed to bring her peace as we left the bridge to continue our stroll along the riverbank, and that was worth the price of the few euros that we paid for the lock.

The lock may last on that bridge for the rest of her lifetime, or, it may fall victim to the bolt-cutters well before then. Either way, the love that my parents shared is immortalized.

Although, we didn't really need a love lock to prove that.

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