Sunday, July 19, 2015

23 Simple Pleasures, Because 23 is my Favorite Number

1. The first cup of coffee in the morning, light on sugar and heavy on the cream.

2. A cinnamon donut to go with the second cup of coffee in the morning.

3. Sipping that coffee and donut on the porch on a warm summer morning.

4. Watching hummingbirds buzz the feeders while sitting on the porch on a warm summer morning, sipping creamy hot coffee and snacking on a crunchy sweet cinnamon donut.

5. Slipping into the space between sleep and awake, where dreams are most vivid and your body is fully relaxed.

6. New sandals that show off a pretty pedicure.

7. The warm weight of a purring kitty, settled on your chest or in your lap.

8. The smell of the earth after a rainstorm.

9. Reading a book that is so good, you can't put it down.

10. Spending time with old friends.

11. A coloring book and a box of brand new crayons.

12. Watching a beautiful sunrise.

13. Watching an equally beautiful sunset.

14. Spending a morning at the farmer's market.

15. Relaxing in a warm bath with a glass of good wine.

16. Your favorite music playing on the radio.

17. Jeans that fit just right, denim as soft as a baby's butt.

18. Candlelight.

19. Getting a good, deep massage.

20. Counting the stars on a clear night.

21. The first snowfall of winter.

22. Peas, fresh from the garden.

23. That rare moment when a scent or a song plunges you so deeply into a good memory, you feel like you have stepped back in time to experience it all over again.

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