Tuesday, July 07, 2015

RV: The Maiden Voyage

We made it back, safe and sound, from Lake Powell and I am happy to report that we had a great time. The RV proved a sound investment, providing a comfortable ride and adequate sleeping space. It also offered safe and stable refrigeration of our perishables which meant that, despite transporting twelve pounds of raw chicken to a climate with a daytime temperature on par with the sun, not one person in our party of twenty-three experienced salmonella poisoning. It's always a good day when no one gets the salmonella, am I right?

I'm right.

And, as I said, the ride was comfortable; in fact, I spent half of the six hour trip asleep on the double bed in the back bedroom. The other half I split between riding shotgun in the navigator's chair and lounging on the couch, watching a movie on one of the televisions. Every trip should be so comfortable.

And, convenient, I did mention that, right?

Once we got to the lake, we quickly set up camp. And, by quickly, I mean that I had a drink in my hand before sunset, which, would have never happened if we had been camping in a tent. We didn't even have trouble navigating the narrow park roads prior to arriving at camp, despite the dire warnings graciously provided by the park service..

..actually, the only issue we have discovered in relation to the rig is the struggle to christen her; currently, we are debating the merits of Dixie, Daisy, or Jenny (pronounced Jenn-ay in our best imitation of Forest Gump). This qualifies as the best kind of dilemma to find oneself in, when one considers all the additional possibilities.

So, recreational vehicle for the win, folks.

Now, I'll leave you with some photos of our camp. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I will regale you with photos and stories from the rest of the trip.

Careful you don't fall off the edge of that seat, now

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