Monday, July 13, 2015

Ah, Monday, We Meet Again

I am coming off a really busy weekend and Monday seems almost like a reprieve. Almost.

Saturday, I had a rare weekend meeting with clients followed by a full day in the kitchen, making green beans and baked potatoes for a 30th High School reunion that my youth group was catering as a fundraiser. The reunion then took up the better part of the late afternoon and evening, and, after imposing on my club members on their Saturday, I felt it only right to treat them to ice cream.

Sunday, I worked at the hardware store, catching up on paperwork, followed by a full day of housework, laundry, yard work, and preparing myself mentally for Monday.

Today, I am headed to a training a couple of hours away. I plan to use the drive as a planning period for the rest of the week, because I am overscheduled and will no doubt be frantically trying to fit everything I have to accomplish into less time than I have available.

Ain't that the way it goes?

Monday isn't looking like much of a reprieve after all.

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