Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Outlaw Photo Shoot

Hugh, the kids, and I joined the rest of the family at Oscar and Emily's house for dinner last night. It was the first time in, like, twelve years that the whole family was all together and Emily had requested that I take a photo to mark the occasion.

Like most large group photo shoots, it took a number of attempts in order to achieve one picture in which all eyes were open and focused on the camera., and, as with most photo shoots; it resulted in a lot of fairly hysterical out-takes.

Once the large group photo was out of the way, we concentrated on smaller sub-groups, including the original family of five, plus the fur-baby, who, cooperated better than she usually does; maybe it was the pitchfork?

Yeah...there was a pitchfork...just go with it..

Then, the grandchildren graced us with their cooperation, which resulted in both great pictures and a workout for the boys. We are all about multi-tasking in this family.

She's the only girl, please don't drop her on her head.

Not to be outdone by their offspring, Hugh and his brother attempted a similar feat with their sister...

Even the dog is like WTF?

...we are eternally grateful that she escaped injury.

Tomorrow evening, we are hosting Porch Night for the family. I am hoping for better weather than we have experienced the last several days, but, in the event that it is cold and rainy, I am busting the porch quilts out of storage and looking up recipes for a good Hot Toddy.

Should be fun either way.

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