Thursday, July 09, 2015

Lake Powell: This is Why We Do It

A trip to Lake Powell, while fun and entertaining, is expensive, y'all. It also requires planning and scheduling and, can be frustrating at times.

And, hot. Like, walking on the sun, hot.

So, why do we do it?

This is why...

...we do it because we want our kids to have fond memories of their childhood so, when it comes time to pick out our nursing homes, we get a good one.

And, you know, because spending time on the water with people we love is one of the benefits of this crazy life that we live.

The fact that we got to celebrate the independence of our nation during this particular trip was a huge bonus, and, a job that we did not take lightly, as I will reveal in tomorrow's post.

As an aside, just how many days can I drag out posting about this vacation?

That wasn't really a question, by the way.

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