Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Step Away From the Window, Mrs. Kravitz

One of my co-workers is going through a really hard time right now; her seventeen year old son has run away in a stolen car. This is distressing under any circumstance, but, painfully so for a woman whose husband is a leader of a local church and a highly respected member of the community.

As usual, the community Facebook message board is filled to the brim with judgment and speculation about the family and the situation in general and, this infuriates me. There are, specifically, three women who post to the board regularly, spewing their opinions and judgments and basically making the board a toxic and depressing forum instead of a useful and informative resource; I have collectively christened these women Mrs. Kravitz and, I would appreciate it if they would log off Facebook, effectively closing the curtains on the show playing out in their neighbor's yard.

Seriously, Gladys.

Step the fuck away.

That is all.

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