Tuesday, January 05, 2016

First Status Check of 2016

So far, the new year is going swimmingly; I have accomplished more at work in the past two days than I accomplished in all of the last month of 2015. On the home front, I managed to put away all of the Christmas decorations (save for Yukon Cornelius's tiny plastic earmuffs, which I found hidden behind the small speaker on the entertainment center shelf, near where Yukon was positioned. Why? Why is there always one thing that gets left behind? Whyyyyy?)., I hosted a Booster Club work session on Sunday, and we decorated the school hallways on Monday evening.

I do still have to box up the porch decorations, but, that will happen this weekend. Hopefully. Maybe.

Anyway, my point is, I am plugging along quite nicely.

I am also on day five of no Diet Pepsi and no refined sugar and I haven't killed anyone.


(I'm hedging my bets)

It's a good year, so far, folks.

A very good year.

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