Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Playing Catch-Up

Life has been busy, y'all. Between working at the hardware store (end of year crap, I do not recommend), working at Day Job (beginning of the year crap, also, I do not recommend), trying to keep a household running, and traveling for basketball games, it feels like I am running at a hundred miles an hour on an empty tank of gas.

Thankfully, Mom is still here; having her pitch in with the cooking has been a Godsend and we appreciate it more than she knows. This evening, I am hosting the Booster Club meeting and she has already volunteered to make BBQ meatballs, which will cut down on the chores I need to cover, dramatically.

Also, Thankfully, today is hump day; we are halfway through another week.

I'm taking my comfort in the small things, obviously.

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