Friday, January 01, 2016

Our Biggest Accomplishment Was Making it to Midnight

Last night, we rang the New Year in with plenty of noise and revelry. The noise came courtesy of The Littles, ages 6-9, who were super adept with all of the noise-makers that I have collected over the years.

The photo booth was also a huge success, and I'm pretty sure that it will become a feature in our parties from here on out.

There was, as usual, too much food to finish, more adult beverages than were strictly necessary, and an obscene amount of laughter, thanks to Chris's equally obscene fascination with my Rankin Bass figurines...

...reindeer games will never be the same.

Jana and I toasted another year of friendship just before the stroke of midnight. At precisely 12:00, we all toasted 2016, and, at 12:15, we toasted the departure of our friends and the warmth of our bed.

Not a bad way to end 2015. Not a bad way, at all.

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