Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Might Need to Get a Subscription to the Local Paper

While perusing the daily paper at work yesterday, I happened upon a news release from the High School. The article listed the students in each grade whom had made the Honor Roll. I scanned through the Freshmen and Sophomores and then checked the Juniors list, where I fully expected to see the Man-Cub's name.

When I didn't find it on the Honors list, I was puzzled; his grades have been pretty darn good, he's in the National Honor Society, and, he was on the list last year..., I checked out the High Honors list, and...

...there it was, along with about a quarter of his entire class.

They are a smart bunch.

I am super-proud, of course. And, I really do need to pay more attention to the local news.

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