Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: The Colorful Edition

Yesterday, our office at Day Job went on lock-down when the spouse of one of our domestic violence clients showed up outside with a gun. We were never in any danger, per se, and the client and her children were safely sheltered within our walls, but, despite a quick response and a lot of manpower, law enforcement was unable to apprehend the guy.

Since he is still on the loose, and since he knows that we are sheltering his family somewhere, we are on our highest security level until further notice. That means that we work behind locked doors, we schedule client meetings somewhere other than our building, we enter and leave the building in pairs, and we will probably re-visit our active shooter protocol and drill on Monday.

That's not really a favorite, but, it bears mentioning since, today, I spent my client-free time in my office on a conference call, using one of my new favorite things:

Markers and an adult coloring book.

I've been using the coloring book during conference calls for a week, now; I read somewhere that you are more likely to retain information that you receive audibly if you are engaging the other side of your brain at the same time. I have no idea if it works, but, pretty pictures!

Speaking of pretty, my next favorite thing today was spending some time with my mom, getting pedicures. My feet were in serious need of attention, and, anything that looks like summer right about now is A-Ok with me.

I used OPI Let Your Love Shine...

...and the results were fantabulous.

Mom is staying until Monday. We have another basketball game to attend tomorrow and then we are planning to watch the Bronco game on Sunday, which means that the colors we will be seeing the most of are blue and gold, and blue and orange.

I can live with that.

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