Monday, June 27, 2016

Ah, Monday, We Meet Again

You know, despite having only four days in my work week, I still feel like I'm not getting enough down time. That's pretty ridiculous and greedy of me, isn't it?

Don't answer that.

So, it's Monday, again. I have mixed emotions about Monday; on the one hand, I am energized and ready to tackle the goals on my weekly To Do at Work list. On the other, I am still in weekend mode, and, would be perfectly content to spend a leisurely morning on the porch.

I wonder if Day Job would be cool with a three-day week?

Probably not.

Thank goodness my weekend was pretty relaxing; hosting the Booster social was the most energetic thing I did. Otherwise, I spent time in my garden, picking the random weed and mentally willing my Brussels sprouts plants to produce while verbally encouraging the tomatoes to ripen "Come on, San Marzanos, mama's got a Bucket List with your name on it".

Speaking of the Bucket List, I can also scratch seeing Independence Day: Resurgence off the list; Hugh, the Man-Cub and I saw it last night after a dinner at the Chinese buffet. The movie was ok, I may have enjoyed the original a little more, but, it was still a pleasant way to spend the evening.

Prior to that, I had been on my own for the weekend; Hugh was in Mount Pilot at a wrestling clinic and the Man-Cub was in a nearby town at basketball camp. I took advantage of my solitude by cranking up The Highway on Serius XM and dancing around the house with a broom and dust rag. Because I know how to party, clearly.

I also ate the rest of the brie from Porch Night, so don't feel too sorry for me.

Then, last night, after the movie, while the Cub and I were relaxing on the couch; Hugh went into full Cop Mode after hearing what he thinks were gunshots in our neighborhood (no confirmation at this point); he came blazing down the stairs from his office, firing off commands to us like we were his own personal SWAT team. The Cub and I hit the lights and dropped to our bellies on the floor, where we crawled around, locking doors and securing the pets while Hugh radioed in the report and then left to cruise the neighborhood in his patrol car.

We were given the all-clear about thirty minutes later and went back to our regularly scheduled couch surfing, and, that was the excitement for the weekend.

Which, brings us back again to Monday. 


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