Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vegas, Baby!

Last Thursday morning, we started the eight hour drive to Las Vegas with a thermos of coffee, a cooler of snacks, and a car full of enthusiasm.

Eight hours, five pit stops, an empty snack cooler, and 110 degrees later, we arrived in Sin City with enthusiasm intact, ready to tackle the weekend.

And tackle it, we did, including a side trip to the Hoover Dam, Girls Night Out at The Thunder Down Under, a bachelorette scavenger hunt, people-watching on the Strip, late nights, pool time, and, of course, the wedding.

It was a blast and I am still recovering.

I thought that I could write about the trip in one post, but, the more that I think about it, the more I realize that each experience requires its' own post, so, I am going to start with what was probably Queen B's favorite discovery of the trip: a Sprinkles cupcake ATM.

You heard me.

An ATM that serves fresh cupcakes 24/7.

We discovered it Thursday night, while exploring the area of the Strip closest to our hotel (we stayed at The Paris). We had eaten a late dinner and were heading back to the hotel when the Man-Cub and Hugh decided to circle back to a store where the Cub had seen a hat that he wanted; Queen B and I ducked into a small alcove off to the side of the Sprinkles store to wait for them and, there it was: Cupcake Nirvana.

Queen B chose the red velvet (of course) and it was easily the best red velvet cupcake that either of us had ever eaten. Queen B said that finding that cupcake machine was the best part of her whole trip; you know a cupcake is good when it rates higher than a show featuring half-naked men.

But, we'll get to that story tomorrow.

Suffice it to say, the $4.50 price tag on the cupcake was worth every penny and, if we could have a cupcake ATM in our neighborhood, we would not complain.

Because our mouths would be full of cupcake, obviously.

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