Saturday, June 25, 2016

Porch Night with the Boosters

I hosted the Boosters Club Social on the porch last night and we could not have asked for better weather. We definitely could have asked for a better turnout, but, at this point I have resigned myself to the sad fact that we are outnumbered by people who want to have everything done for them while making no effort on their part.

That realization sucks, but, whatcha gonna do?

I can tell you that we are going to do our level best to raise a record amount of fund for this year's Senior Sports Banquet, at which we will hire a caterer, an MC, and black-tie servers so that we, as the parents of Seniors, can sit back and enjoy the evening without having to bust our asses (like we have for the past three years). Then, when the Treasurer hands over an empty bank account to next year's club (assuming they can pull together enough volunteers to have a club), they can plan a banquet featuring canned beans and hot dogs.

Karma, bitches.

All of this was decided at the meeting last night, in between sipping on wine and munching on snacks that included a triple-cream brie, spread on a rosemary water cracker with a dab of fig jam on top (Oh, my sweet LORD, to die for!) and a petit fours assortment that included lemon sponge, white cake with raspberry, and angel food with a blueberry ribbon. And, that was just an appetizer and dessert, the main course featured meatballs that had been slow cooking all day, loaded baked potato skins, and sliced deli meat sliders. It was a delicious evening, even with the bad taste in our mouths regarding the turnout.

And, the porch was the perfect location, as always.

I'll take a disappointing meeting on the porch over a crowded meeting in the school library, any day.

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  1. You put us all to shame. Could you be any more Martha Stewarty?