Monday, June 06, 2016

Y'all Didn't Pray Hard Enough

The paddle boarding? Yeah, I looked like a total tool. However, I was determined, and, with some help from Hugh, I finally managed to get upright on the board, and, to actually paddle about ten feet before I realized he was no longer holding me steady; then I upended myself in dramatic fashion.

I got back on, of course, and, I tried, tried again. It was kind of like learning to ride a bike without training wheels, Hugh held the board, pushing me through the water until I got my balance and then letting go while encouraging me to paddle.

I enjoyed the process despite never managing to go solo for much more than those ten feet. Next time, paddle board, next time.

After my attempt, several of the kids gave it a go, and, I'm almost embarrassed at how easily-and quickly-they picked it up. Youth is most definitely wasted on the young.

Aside from stealing my thunder on the paddle board, the kids also tore it up on the tubes. We hit the lake at 1:00 and didn't pull off until sunset, and the kids spent the majority of the time in motion. Again, youth, wasted on the young.

I bet they all slept like babies last night.

I can't speak for everyone, but, I also slept like a baby last night; there is just something about a day on the lake-the sunshine, lake spray, and motion of the water-combine to deeply relax me. Oh, and the wine doesn't hurt.

I'm not sure how well Hugh slept; he may have had nightmares featuring a gang of Amazon women ganging up on him to throw him from the boat.


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