Friday, June 17, 2016

Vegas Favorites

We all have our favorite experiences when we travel. Some are big experiences, like the time we got to go scuba diving in the aquarium at Disney World. Some are small, yet equally memorable, like tasting the most delectable treat in a tiny chocolatier on a side street in Paris.

Las Vegas provided us each with a large memorable experience, but it had it's fair share of smaller, less expected moments as well.

I loved the pool at The Paris; it rests at the base of the faux Eifel Tower and I felt almost European while lounging next to it in my new sunhat.

Queen B loved that cupcake ATM, of course, but she also became positively giddy when we tracked down a Steak n' Shake for lunch on our final day in town.

The Man-Cub was in his element in The M&M store, where he browsed the candy selection, watched the free 3D movie presentation, and recalled fond memories of his Grandad, who had amassed quite the collection of M&M dispensers over the years.

I'm sure Hugh would tell you that the Hoover Dam was the highlight of the trip for him, but we already covered that.

Long weekends rock. Las Vegas is an experience not to be missed, and, I am really going to miss having both of my children at my beck and call for family road trips, big and small.

Treasure the memories, folks.

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head Michelle "Treasure the memories" because now and later you can rely on them to give you comfort and great joy. I love you and your postings. I look forward to them every day.