Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Everything's Comin up Roses...and Peonies...and Irises

My flowerbeds are blooming in fabulous fashion, lately. I take total credit of course, after all, I did spend hour upon hour tearing the bindweed from them so that the plants could thrive. I totally deserved to be rewarded with blossoms.

The peonies are especially large and productive this year. I planted four tubers many years ago and they have developed into bushes that come up to my hip, with flowers that are larger than Hugh's fist; they are also heavy and fragrant.

The irises that Hugh and the Man-Cub planted for me less than two weeks ago are also blooming, so, I am optimistic that they will root in well, establishing themselves for many years to come.

My rosebushes currently blooming include the Chrysler Imperial...

...the Fragrant Plum...

...the Bellaroma...

...the red shrub rose, the name of which I do not know...

...and the Hotel California.

The Marilynn Monroe, Ink Spot, John F. Kennedy, Tropicana, and Miss All American Beauty rosebushes are all fully loaded with buds, so they should be blooming soon as well.

Candy Tuft and Salvia are also abundant this year, and it looks like my Oriental Lilies are well on their way to bloom later this summer.

In addition to the flowerbeds, I have planters of petunias that are doing quite well on the porch. In fact, with all of the gorgeous and vibrant flowers that I have going on in the yard and around the house, you would think that my hummingbird population would be off the charts, but, oddly, this year I have seen only a handful at the feeders.

Here's hoping they increase in number, soon; I would hate to see all the nectar in these flowers go to waste.

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