Saturday, March 18, 2017

Friday Favorites (On a Saturday): The St. Paddy's Day Edition

I meant to post this yesterday, but, life, man, it gets in the way.

Anyhoodle, yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, which, while not a holiday celebrated by everyone, is a holiday that I can get behind, and, not just because I'm 85% positive that there is Irish blood on my Dad's side of the family.

I get behind the holiday because it means Irish soda bread makes an appearance at the local bakery. Mmmm, Irish soda bread..

...and, yes, I do realize that I could make this stuff myself, like, any day of the year, but, there is just something special about having something that you can only get once a year; you know, like Girl Scout cookies, or Cadbury Cream Eggs (neither of which I am currently allowing myself to eat, thank you Lent).

So, we are three loaves into the five that I purchased and will no doubt finish those up by the end of the weekend. Next year, sweet, sweet Irish soda year.

Speaking of really great things, Mama Jill went on a fire assignment last week and she had an opportunity to visit a winery where she purchased several bottles of wine, including this merlot that she bought especially for me. Because Mama Jill is awesome.

There is so much to love about this wine and I haven't even tasted it yet. The fact that it is a merlot makes it a foregone conclusion that I will love it, but, the label is also ridiculously cool. Plus, who wouldn't love a wine made in an abbey? Monks make the best wine, that's a well known fact.

In addition to good food and wine, St. Paddy's Day means I get to watch my friends and family dress like leprechauns for the annual ASTRA Dodgeball Tournament. This year, I actually played on a team with Hugh, Queen B, one of her co-workers (who, ended up being our secret weapon, he was always the last one out), and the High School PE teacher.

It was the first adult team in the history of the tournament and you can bet the kids were out for blood, which, explains why we lost both of our matches. But! We had a good time doing it.

Also, the Man-Cub's team, while beating us, lost in the end, so, we were vindicated! Sort of.

Speaking of the Man-Cub, after the dodgeball tournament, he and Mikey had to rush into the cafeteria to perform at the band concert, where they were part of the guitar ensemble. It was the first time that I have heard the Cub play, so I was super-stoked.

All in all, it was a great St. Paddy's for us, and, since I am planning to make corned beef and cabbage tomorrow, the celebration will continue.

It's like St. Patrick's week over here.

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