Monday, April 10, 2017

Hall Decorating: The End

Yesterday, I decorated the Cub's locker for the last time (assuming that the baseball team doesn't go to State in May, which, given their record, seems highly unlikely).

I'm sad.

On the bright side, the Athletic Director gave me the key to the school so that I might accomplish the decorating, so, Mama Jill and I had the chance to roam the halls at will, all The Breakfast Club style, something we took full advantage of once we finally figured out how to use the flat metal hook-thing that turns on the light switches in the hallways (Can't wait to hear the Athletic Director and the Principal rag us for that one; they'll probably choke on their popcorn while watching the video footage).

During our roaming, we saw this count-down chain that the seniors are using to track the days until graduation.

There are simply not enough links in that chain, my friends.

We also saw evidence that our athletes have appreciated and enjoyed all of the efforts that we have made to decorate their lockers this year; a number of students still had the decorations from sports going back to the beginning of the year of their lockers.

I had to remove the basketball decorations from the Man-Cub's locker in order to put up his baseball decorations, and, I brought the basketball stuff home to use on the presentation board that I am putting together for the Senior Sports Banquet.

I'll need to make sure the Cub brings the baseball decorations home when he cleans out his locker in May; I can use them in his scrapbook (when I eventually get around to catching up on said scrapbooks, that is).

After we were done outfitting the lockers for the varsity baseball team, Mama Jill and I turned off the lights (again, the video footage should be priceless) and I left the school for the last time (that's super dramatic and not entirely accurate, but go with me, here).

It's the end of an era.

If I didn't have to catch up on all those scrapbooks, I would just go ahead and retire my Cricut.

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