Sunday, April 16, 2017

It Wouldn't Be Easter Without Eggs

I'm not entirely certain what the egg-resurrection connection is, but, I can vaguely recall a lesson about it in my catechism class when I was a young kid, so, I know the connection exists. That said, eggs have always been a part of our Easter traditions, and, I'm happy to say that we carried on that tradition this year, despite the fact that my children are now technically adults.

And, while the Man-Cub graced us with his presence only long enough to dye his namesake egg before rushing off to a the drive-in with his prom date, I had assistance from Queen B and Emily, who were down from Neighboring City for a visit.

QB acted childish for me so that I wouldn't be sad about not having babies anymore; that was sweet of her. And, we now have a dozen and a half eggs from which to make deviled eggs, egg salad, or, more likely, to just peel and eat as snacks. Well, other people in my house will eat them as snacks; I'm more interested in the Cadbury eggs that currently reside in my Easter basket and which I am now allowed to eat as Lent ended at noon, yesterday.

Happy Easter, indeed!

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