Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rollin' Down the Road in Jenn-ay

Early this morning, Hugh, my mom (she's visiting for the next couple of weeks), Mama Jill, Papa Jill, and I set off in the 'ol RV for a baseball game miles and miles away; our goal was simple: enjoy the game and cook up a hamburger lunch for the varsity and junior varsity baseball teams, and, travel in comfort to do so.

Mission accomplished and then some.

As always, the boys were appreciative of the effort, as were several of their parents, who were also able to enjoy a hamburger without having to leave the ballpark to get it. As an aside, several of the parents and other assorted fans of the home team offered to pony up a few bucks for a hamburger of their own, but, we only had enough to feed our crew; it was interesting, given the fact that they did have a concession stand.

Anyway, after the boys finished eating, we headed home, this time with the Cub, Kenz, and Mikey, who, if the following picture is any indication, were completely exhausted by their efforts.

Or, from having been out late the previous night, watching a movie at the drive-in. Either way, tired.

Very, very tired.

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