Monday, May 08, 2017

Blue and Gold Awards

The Man-Cub picked up another cord at this evening's annual Blue and Gold Awards. That brings him to two cords and a sash; my plan to order him a lei from Hawaii to wear at the graduation ceremony is in jeopardy of becoming overload.

I can think of worse problems to have.

The cord this evening was in recognition of the Cub's work with the Link Crew, which is a peer mentoring club; the mentors work with underclassmen who need guidance and support at some point in the school year. The Cub was one of the charter members of the club and has been participating since he was a sophomore, which, has been something he's really enjoyed.

Today was also the first day of the last week of the Man-Cub's high school career, a fact that almost escaped me, if you can imagine that.

Yeah, me neither. I may be losing it.

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